Spiritual, but not a believer

I want to write about these really big, worldly, complex thoughts that I have. Yet, at the same time I don’t want to offend those who offer such a beautiful, pure warm heart to me. I don’t claim to be right and yet… I don’t think my view is in any way off or wrong.

I don’t believe in the bible. Too many cooks have added their own ingredients to the recipe. I feel that if God communicated with man than man should have known better than to edit and twist divinely inspired words. The bible has a great number of contradictions straight from the get go. In the book of Genesis the order of how God created the world varies… greatly.

What really makes me a doubting Thomas is what has been omitted. Why no tales of Lilith in the Christian Bible? In Catechism very early on we were taught that the Old Testament is the same as the Torah. That’s a lie. It is not the same.

In the beginning in Jewish lore God created Adam and Lilith. So why is Lilith not mentioned at all in the Christian version? She’s a very important figure after all. She’s the one that deceived Eve. She’s the serpent…

One lesson that really stuck with me from the Bible was when Jesus went to Jerusalem and trashed the temples. He was angry about the abuse and corruption of it all. No offense to my Christian friends but when I look upon your churches this is what I think of. Where did Jesus preach? On the rock? When do I feel at my best? Hiking. I doubt this is a coincidence.

So while I have love, compassion, and humanity in my heart please forgive me if I never follow from a sacred book. It has too many contradictions for me to take as faithful word.

3 thoughts on “Spiritual, but not a believer”

  1. Ah now I’m interested in Lilth…don’t know much about her at all. For myself over much time and thought I’ve chosen the traditional Christian beliefs.
    That said to me it is a gospel of love. I take do not judge very seriously. You should feel free to express whatever you believe. I for one will read may be comment but never judge you.

  2. Thanks. In the beginning God created Adam and Lilith. She was not made from Adam like Eve was. She was made from mud as Adam was made from dust. Adam believed that Lilith should be submissive to Adam and the rather than equal as her, he was superior. His treatment of Lilith really affected her. Out of desperation she uttered the true name of God, grew wings, and flew out of the garden. Adam was very saddened by her departure and thus God put sleep upon him and created Eve from his ribs.

    The tale of Lilith does not end there. It is said God tried to persuade her to return to Adam, but instead she lay with the angels who then became fallen angels. Lilith is very closely associated with the princes of hell due to her refusal to be submissive. In some cultures she is portrayed as a heroine for women’s rights hence the “Lilith Festival”.

    Varies stories of Lilith appear in numerous ancient cultures (including Sumerian). Some believe the Egyptian deity Isis is Lilith reincarnated.

  3. Thank you…that is so interesting. Oh my well submission is a constant theme in religious texts isn’t it and not just a woman’s submission to a man but our submission to God. And that is a toughie. I mean as I grow older…I am more submissive (not to men!) but to God or to some authorities. I have never been sure my motives are very pure though, it is usually just because it makes my life easier! LOL

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