A weekend Frame of Mind!

I’m in a weekend frame of mind!  It’s Friday and I don’t feel like working at all. Earlier my co-workers and I took a break and looked at handbags on Amazon.  Wish it was payday Friday!  My mind is just not here, it’s here there and everywhere but not focused on work.  I have to admit though yesterday I was kicking ass and taking names.  Don’t even know how much I typed and I worked a 12 hour day woo hoo.  Wish I had the energy to do that almost every day.  Well today I’m only doing 8 ‘cause I’m going to dinner tonight with the boys.  (bf and little bro).  We are going to the club for prime rib and I am looking forward to hunk of raw meat.

Tomorrow I’m going to a wedding…one of my niece’s best friends; will go with my sis.  That should be fun.  Sunday dear Lord I MUST finally do laundry I mean honestly how many times can one put it off and run to Wally World for new undies!  Seriously I guess I should grow up and face it!  LOL

Spring is in the air and I am loving it but I’m shocked to. Thank God it was mostly a mild winter…but it came and went so quickly. It seems one day it was Christmas Eve. Bro and I were driving mom through the park looking at the full moon and then I fell asleep woke up she was gone forever and it was Easter.  I feel quite certain it did not happen quite like that but it feels that way.

So it’s spring time to drink Bud in briar bars.  Well it used to be that time…not so sure anymore.  Think maybe though I can find a few semi redneck places and maybe drink something fruity with vodka.

Well back to work…just the ramblings of a granny here.  So anybody who reads…talk to me…let me know how life is treating you!

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