Day 33 – 36 Exposures

I went to the mountains today early in the morning and took some pictures. I finished one roll of film; 36 exposures. Then later in the afternoon, I went to the university to develop it.
I had to wait for a while for the lab monitor to come. She had a sign hanging on the office door saying that she’ll come back soon. It was a long wait so I decided to sit down with my sketchbook and jot down some notes. I miss drawing so much. It’s been a while since I drew. I feel too self conscious though about drawing in public, so I just wrote down my future plans.
Usually, I don’t go into detail about what I did in my day, but I decided to start doing things differently a bit. I want to be able to write a novel someday, and my style of writing is usually concentrated on my feelings and thoughts, so I want to practice writing in a narrative style because I feel that will be helpful. I’m very bad at it at the moment, but with practice, I’ll get better.

So anyway. After the lab monitor arrived, I got the stuff for developing film, and then I went inside a small room. I shut the door behind me until everything became stark dark and I couldn’t see anything. I went through the whole process of getting my film ready for developing. I really fear this procedure. I fear the whole process of developing film. If I do anything wrong, I could lose all my work and all the time I spent taking pictures. But anyway, things went well.

I don’t know why I write in a formal way in this diary. I write in it like I write my essays.

I’m going to try to write differently and find a way to express myself more freely.

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