Awake at night

First I was asleep.  Then I thought I heard someone in my room; but it was a mouse.  But now I was awake.  I got a snack and checked my emails.  It is 2:45 a.m. — I need to sleep so I can be awake and energetic with my boys tomorrow.  I am trying to give them a happy spring break.  Meanwhile I have a very dear person I am praying for, and night is a great time to pray.  Everything is quiet and still.  Goodnight everybody!

2 thoughts on “Awake at night”

  1. Ah and at least at times I am awake to pray at night…in the morning…not so much. Hope you have all the energy you need today!

  2. I bet your a great grand mother. Have a great spring break with them!

    When the night is open and still thought run wild that normally are more swept under the rug during the day.

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