I just need to get through one day at a time, 1 hour at a time, 1 minute at a time. That’s all any of us have to do. Sounds like I have some seriously heavy stuff to deal with huh? No. Not really. Just work and life in general.  Since I can’t manage my time on my own, I have installed an ap on my computer that will help me. It’s called RescueTime. Tracks everything  – websites and applications you spend your time on – including this.

I really don’t feel like I am doing my employer justice. I sometimes feel like I take advantage of their generosity with my flexibility. But I justify it because they pay me so little (again this is me being an asshole, a spoiled suburban wife/mom, there are people who would be truly grateful to be earning what I do). I am so disinterested in the work I do. I need to find something that I can put my best effort into. In fairness to me and my employer. Life is too short.   

One thought on “55”

  1. Ah I totally get not getting into work…I’ve had more jobs than carter had pills! Now though I’ve been the same place for almost 9 years, mostly because I really need my job but even that didn’t keep me from losing my temper a couple of days ago so now I hate it again! Good luck with everything and don’t be to hard on yourself!

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