A friend

It is funny how human brain can remember certain smells,for the instance the hall in the house where I used to live (it will be important later on) until the age of approx. 2.5 ….It literally always smelled weird.I can’t say that it smelled repulsive,I also can’t say that it smelled nice.That’s the thing that I would not be able to forget up until this day.


My first childhood friend was a girl  who was my first neighbor,we were the same age (her birthday being 2 months after mine);Who would have told back then that things would turn out as they did later on…(note, I will talk about her in the future posts.)

I don’t really remember much of our play dates,which might be due to the age or maybe they were just not traumatic or sad (or they might have been too normal)  for me to remember them.Which is fine,I am glad that there were periods of my life like that.I remember 1) that she came to my birthday once.2) that she was still bottle fed while I already had been using the spoon.One day she and her mom (?) came to our place to visit.I remember how utterly upset (???) it made me feel inside as a child, looking at her not knowing how to hold a spoon.She held it as if it was a shovel.I showed her how to use it but to no success.My brain couldn’t comprehend how she couldn’t learn how to use it like I did!

Not long after we would move away anyway…

I dedicate this ramblings to her,my first friend that I ever had.

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