The Tumblr Experience: Light Skin Preference and the K-Pop Industry

So this one day I was wading through Tumblr bullshit per usual when I come across this post by some girl trying to explan why she believes its racist to have a preference for light skin.

The post itself was reasonably calm and non-accusatory so I thought I’d add in on the discussion. I try to explain that people can’t help what they find attractive (much like a persons sexuality?) and theres nothing wrong with finding light skin attractive.

But of course someone comes out of the woodwork to lecture me as to why prefering light skin is racist and then proceeds to accuse me of being racist.

I’m gonna cut it off here by saying that I dont necessarily have a preference for light skin or find light skin more attractive than dark.

I check this person’s blog out and they’re quite obviously a K-Pop fan.

So essentially, this girl accuses people of being racist for preferring light skin. Meanwhile she’s supporting and promoting an industry that pressures their idols to bleach their skin and plastering pictures of light skinned asian men and women all over her blog. Most would be suprised but this is the hypocrisy of 90% of Tumblr’s K-Pop fans and I’ve run across these gross little children many times before.

Be careful with K-Pop fans.

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