The Book

I gave Matthew a graphic novel about  Creation and the fall of Lucifer and the naming of the animals by Adam, the woman Eve made from Adam’s rib…..he soaked it all in.  He listened to 69 pages yesterday at one sitting!  Of course in a graphic novel, it is mostly pictures, reads like a comic book.  This one had excellent quality paintings and a delightful story line ending in “To be continued.”  It showed a very happy Jesus interacting with Adam and Eve in the garden, and a kind Jesus escorting them to their new habitat after they “fell.”  Jesus waved his hand and said, “All this is yours.  Take good care of it.”  It was clear they couldn’t stay in Eden, but it was so kind how He introduced them to earth.  Hmmm.  He IS so kind and merciful!  I am teaching Matthew this, at least trying hard, with Bible stories and scripture verses.  I love those 2 boys! Jacob gets home from school late, so I have no time with him, just hello—but we take him to church on Sundays and he will say: “We’re going to the church!  We’re going to the church! I’m so happy!!”   He is a little more autistic than Matthew.  Well I’ve talked enough.

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