A Middle East life


April 29

So far, so good.

Sidra assigns all newbies with a buddy to help them settle in and the basic logistics of moving to a foreign country.  My buddy is Jason.  A 40-ish man from Connecticut with 3 teenagers who is a PT with Sidra.  His wife is back in the states working as she was in management with Sidra but was possibly going to be right sized, so took a good position when it became available.

Jason is a great buddy.  Not only is he a wealth of info but he and 1 of his sons dropped me off at the Villaggio Mall in Aspire City, 3.8 km from our compound.  I needed some of the basics like hangers for my clothes, a new alarm clock, you know, the things you need when you move to a new place and can’t take all your stuff. 

Villagio Mall, google it.  This place is amazing. This mall has more stores and restaurants in the building then all of Hagerstown put together.  It looks like the Parisian Hotel Mall in Las Vegas.  Sky Scraper high ceilings that are painted like the sky, a gondola boat ride, a full size amusement park as well as a full size ice hockey rink.  One large wing had the mega expensive designer shops.  Cartier, Harry Winston, Armani, Versace.  It makes Rodeo Drive and 5th Ave. pale in comparison.  All this luxury and not a cocktail to be had in the entire Mall.


I didn’t buy much.  Just do not need solid gold, diamond encrusted hangers.  Will Uber out to Ikea tomorrow.

After shopping, well mostly window shopping, I taxied on home.  Jason, being the best buddy ever, gave me a bottle of wine and a wine cooler his wife had left behind. Doha felt more like home.

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