I have a razor
He’s my friend
Slicing in and in
My skin is weak like me
I have only two things
The other is the best
She helps me when I’m down
Because I drown and drown
She hates my friend
Then throws him away
She says he doesn’t help
That she’s there when I need help
He just makes the pain go away
Then we see each other the next day
She says it to me and I see
She was right and I shout with glee
She was there, the whole time, for me
I was just too blind to see

2 thoughts on “Pain”

  1. Dear friend, please do not cut yourself. I know the desire, I used to cut, too. Then one day in prayer, God told me it hurts Him when I hurt myself. I stopped and never started again. I will pray for you that you can stop forever. Jesus loves you, and created you specially to be His child. Be kind to yourself, please do. Blessings to you.

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