Teachers day-Thank you very much

In our country May 2nd is considered to be auspicious day and it shall be always remember and cherish by our people in the country. It is a death anniversary of our 3rd King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk and also we celebrate this particular day as a “Teachers Day”. In this day we the people of nation do remember the great hard work and dedication that lt. His Majesty has put in during his reign for having tranquil and stability in our country. Moreover, he is rightly called as a father of modern Bhutan as he broke the land locked of our small nation to the outside world. Therefore, we people do always remember him during this day in particular and we offers butter lamps and other necessary good deeds as a token of acknowledgment his hard work and for his tireless effort to make our country more dynamic in terms of peacefulness and so on.

In addition, this day is also celebrated by the people of our country as a “Teachers Day”.  It is a day in which every student should pay respect to his/her teacher for being helpful for grooming his/her future endeavor.  Somebody has rightly said that ‘The teacher who taught even a single word should be consider as a teacher, if one does not consider him as his teacher then one would be born as a person with a goiter in next generation and one would have to take rebirth as a stray dog for five hundred times’.  By keeping in the above stated quotation in one’s mind, one should not go against his/her mentor. As per as possible even if one can’t manifest always respect one should not go against his/her teacher. For me I feel that to be a teacher and seeing to oneself being a teacher is completely different one. To be a teacher one have to overcome so many obstacles in life as he/she has to face with mixture of students behavior, attitude, rudeness, temper and so on to tame his/her students.  By seeing someone being a teacher is like buying a fish from the market and eating. It is too easy to go and buy a readily available fish from market as one should not have to struggle to catch a fish. But in reality the fisher man has to wait for an hours and hours to get one fish from the river. Therefore to judge someone undertaking a teacher’s job like an aforementioned example.  One to be a teacher is never a simple job as compare to other person working in offices. We all should respect our teachers for sacrificing their whole life in developing and grooming other person(s) life. Hats off to all the teachers around the world and thank you very much to all my teachers who that made my life more easier and fruitful to live in this  modern world.

                    “Happy teachers day to all the teachers in this world”

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