What’s behind my silence?
Do you ever wonder why?
Am I hiding up so many lies?
Do some of them make me want to cry?

Do you wish for the chance
to take a look inside
and get to know what you might?
Will you stay where you are
or will you run and hide?

This time, what’s my offence?
I remember the last time I spoke my mind up
Your reaction was like the biggest shock
I suppose you’re still not used to me being all flat out

So what’s behind my silence?
Have you ever wondered why?
Sorry, this time I’d rather lie
As you wish, I keep on playing your fun little charade
silently hiding these tears I cry

No more chances
All I need from you is to be heard
even when I’m not fully understood
Is it that difficult for you to try
instead of babbling about what you think of me
all the freaking time?

You’re right
It’s time to stop playing the victim
but I’m not going to pretend everything’s alright
even when the light of truth is growing dim

Am I okay?
No worries
Just know what you need to
while I’ve got something else to do
After all,
this life isn’t just about me and you…



(Jakarta, 7/5/2016 – 12:35 pm)

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