Wk 2: Day 12 Tuesday

Today’s daily activity is to pinpoint all the components in my life that may be causing me stress and in turn leading to increased anxiety. 

This is the list of stressful components in my life that I have come up with:

  • Working two jobs in retail can take a toll on my body. It can be very physically exhausting working in retail where I have to walk around and climb ladders for the whole shift. Working two jobs makes it even more exhausting as I sometimes have two jobs in one day leaving very little time for rest. 
  • Studying two courses- I study full-time at both university and tafe doing completely different courses. This means I have double the work load to most people and double the assignments.
  • Upcoming university assignments all coming at once. I have about 3 major assignments due within 2 weeks of each other. This makes it very stressful to allocate sufficient time to each assignment which definitely is a contributor to my stress levels. 

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