We met with S’s teacher this morning. He is doing very well academically – he focuses on his work. He’s been bringing good grades home. He still struggles with his behavior when he’s not focused on an assignment. His teacher said he is allowed to take his tests at a table away from the other kids. It helps him stay on task. We discussed the possibility of an IEP or a 504 plan for him. H and I have not been on the same page with this and did not discuss it prior to going into this meeting. I brought it up and his teacher offered to speak with the school psych about it. Heading in the right direction.

I ate with no restraint last evening. The “witching hours” between 4 and 8PM were a disaster. I just couldn’t stop. I am trying to be more mindful and gentle with myself when this happens. What have I learned? That I think I have no control over myself between 4 and 8. That is very wrong. I do have control. I am the master of my domain – as the saying goes. I just need to believe it.

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