What’s wrong? (not my picture)

I uninstalled this app ‘goodnight journal’ three weeks ago, since i find it boring and nah. I donut have something to share. But what happened today, pushed me to install and post this story 😔

I went to my school though its still our summer break to pass my 1st to 4th quarter grades for our sectioning. Then i went meet ups for the items i bought online, and then went to tailoring shop for my uniform next school year. Its a super hot afternoon and I felt so tired. So i decided to go home instead. I was waiting for our village’s “jeepney”, our proper transportation. I was waiting beside the tailoring shop i entered. I waited for almost half hour. And then I finally  saw the jeepney i was waiting for was approaching. I waved back and forth to gave the driver a signal dat i was going to ride. Then when i was about to go up stairs, i was wondering why the driver stopped when there was no seat available already. Then someone shouted “you’re so fat  U cannot!” 😢 I watched at my back and then see no available seat. And the embarrassing thing  was that it was a guy who shouted. And some guy laughed at me. “Tsk”. “Ur so big u cannot seat”. I was kinda hurt but in my mind “why would i be hurt if its true”. Maybe just i was affected by that some guy who laughed. So i quickly went down the jeepney and went back beside the tailoring shop and waited again for the same jeepney. There is no wrong for trying to see if theres available seat on that jeepney. Is there something very wrong for being fat? 💔  Im so hurt for the humiliation i got. When another jeepney again approaches, i waved. There was an available seat. I seated and waited for the jeepney to pass by our village and went down. And im writing this  right now cos im home!! 😀 maybe i just have to forget what happened. I can still remember the faces who laughed quietly. . im hurt, but thats the reality of life. Not everyone will understand u. Like my experience, most of the person who occupied the jeepney were boys. And no one has ever offered seat infact they can stand at the door of the jeepney. . 💆 haaays so stressed. Goodaftei! 

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