Birthdays; 21st and 23rd

Am almost completely done with the gift I am making for my Mother.  All that is left is to put the stickers on the pages they belong to and that should be it.

Received the idea to make her a scrapbook from my friend, Morgan whom I talked about in a separate post.  It came along very well, but the mini clothespins I used to hang the photos on the pages made the pages too bulky.  Now it won’t close properly or really at all.

Am heading to A.C. Moore after work in hopes that they can either increase the spine or refund my book for a thicker and wider one considering that her  Birthday is on Saturday.


I also have all of Toms stuff together even though it isn’t much.  I ordered him a book that he seemed interested in considering it is about a wild wolf who befriends all the neighboring dogs in the area.  Even though he isn’t a reader like I am, about a book a day, I think he will enjoy it and if he doesn’t read it, I will.  I also wrote him a poem and put it in a frame. 

It doesn’t seem like much, but I am hoping to order the rest of the stuff with my next paycheck considering I have to use most of mine to go towards my Insurance and Rent this month.  Oh, well.  Tis’ the life of an adult.  

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