Dear Diary, 
today Levi’s sick, he cant breathe. I dont know what to do, im helpless, so obviously i started crying… Called mum to help, she gave him medicine, choked it down his throat, now he is worse. I told her not to, now i dunno if he’ll survive or not. Honestly i cant bare loosing another pet. First Rado now Levi. Honestly this cold is making it worse. Im  the worst pet owner ever.
Today is also another day that i realized my place in this family, instead of helping me and comforting me, theyre all laughing and blaming me for Levi’s sickness. I dont know what to do, i hope i dont loose him. Right now im alone in my room while Levi’s in warm blankets downstairs. I pray he survives, ill give him to a better family that will love him. Im done being a pet owner.
I also broke up with Philip. Shit’s been the worst lately and i dont know if i can handle it or not. I honestly feel like i need someone to hold me while i cry and not judge me. Just like granma. Miss her so much every single day. 

i hope she rests in peace.

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