Today is my birthday…

Today is my 37th birthday and I am going to make this a positive journal entry. 

I have wanted to do a line of scarves featuring my artwork for a long time now. Friday, I finally ordered some samples. I ordered the samples after receiving fabric swatches from the company that is printing/making the scarves:


(The designs on the fabric are not mine.)

I want my line to feature high quality silks such as satin, chiffon, crepe de chine and georgette. I am also getting something printed on cashmere to see how it comes out. I am a little worried about it because I have no clue how printing on cashmere translates. Well, I am worried in general since my designs are done digitally and I have no clue if the fabrics will print half as vibrantly as it appears on my computer. I am very anxious about it.

I went to the store with L today (she is basically my roommate) and treated myself to two new wallets (my old one was literally falling apart), and the dream BIG sketchbook that is my featured image. 

20160529_184438 20160529_184356

I can’t draw for shit, so the dream big book will just be filled with pictures that inspire me towards reaching my goal. Besides a scarf line, I also want to do a line of maxi dresses featuring my prints:

Untitled design (2)

Untitled design (6)

(The prints are my designs, but obviously the dresses aren’t.)

I am basically going boho-chic with my line of scarves and want to carry that over to my dress line. I went to and am having my logo made as well as sourcing/pricing packaging. I want my box to be a square, flat one like Hermes uses for their scarves. (Dream big, right?)

I also aspire to start a line of home goods. Things like the images below truly inspire me and I feel so much joy when I see colorful/vibrant home decor. 

IMG_20160525_184350 IMG_20160525_180702 IMG_20160525_180448

I know it is a lot that I am trying/want to do, so that is why I am just starting small with the scarves. I cannot sew so I will be looking for a seamstress to collaborate with on the dresses.  

The only thing I have put in my Dream Big book so far are the fabric swatches. I am going to get a photo printer and just print out a bunch of stuff and fill it up. 


As mentioned, I do not celebrate my birthday because my parents were Jehovah’s Witnesses, so my few small purchases today will just have to be gifts to myself.

I stuck to my diet today although I really wanted pizza and ice cream topped brownies. I definitely have to have a cheat day before my surgery, before I start the even more strict 2 week pre-surgery diet. I do not know when I will be getting the surgery yet but I am almost done with my pre-surgery clearances. 

Food Diary May 29, 2016:

Breakfast – 2 Poached eggs

Lunch – Portobello Mushroom “Pizza” with turkey pepperoni and olives

Snack – P3 Pack

Dinner – Salmon and Sugar Snap Peas


Well, I guess that is it for now. I am doing my best to look forward to a better tomorrow. It is hard, but I will keep trying. 

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