Actually quite enjoyed the festival in the end, i say festival its a town festival not what you would imagine! Though we do have Toploader headlining you know that band that majority of people only know that one song “dancing in the moonlight”

We all met at the main stage and i think that was the best part of the day, drinking beer in the sunshine listening to my friends band play. I drank something called “Old Rosie” 7.5% i think so after that and a whole lot of Budweiser i was drunk by 5pm. The apitamy of class. Got my arm signed by one of the band who is actually my friend who i see on a regular basis but i thought it would be funny to fangirl like the rest of them! A few of my girl mates got there boobs signed and i didn’t my top was too high up and he said he was gutted mine was the boobs he wanted to see the most. So honored….

Other than that i met up with a friend from work and was a drunken mess all day, ended up in the usual pub, threw up abit then went home with the boyfriend. Bitchface was out and trying to get my boyfriends attention constantly but for once failing SUCK IT.

W met a girl.

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