The Serpent’s Voice

The serpent’s voice
spewing venoms from the wires
tonight, there are minotaurs
out for the kill

from the depths of veiled chasms
and the most wicked of radios

invisible tongues deceive
our gilded television stars

there is no true oasis
in this monitored city
every street light watches
dossiers are compiled

the occult electricity stations
fuel our digital alchemy

the serpent fiddles
upon a tower of steel

slithering voices lie in wait
beyond perimeters of neon signs

tonight, the Hades Belt draws near
descending like a haze of ashes

muses of the mirage
television pharaohs in their palaces
of hypnotic ornaments

receive their scepters
and wield them over nations
of transfixed eyes

an obscure horizon of corporate altars
consumes the oblivious
and ancient moon

the serpent’s voice pervades
heard upon the wires

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