Day 96 – Relief

Wednesday, June 1st 2016

The way today felt was so much more amazing than yesterday. I felt relaxed and my bed feels like heaven right now.

I need to stop writing my entries on my phone while I’m going to bed when I remember I didn’t write it yet. So for that reason, I’m just not gonna use the schedule format when I’m using my phone to make things so much easier.

First, I had science. We studied about biology and my teacher picked me for a question, probably cause I was daydreaming, but I answered correctly. Since then I was glad she asked cause it caused me to listen and the digestive system is oddly interesting? I guess it’s the way she teaches. She’s an amazing teacher and I want her next year for maybe parental roles if possible (regret picking that class a bit, but I needed an easy one when I had psychology and all. Kinda scared I screwed up my credits though by having).

Then I had English and I read some more To Kill a Mockingbird before discussing with my teammate about our ad campaign. I’m gonna animate! I have high hopes for it, but I don’t think it’ll turn out great, but I’m sure no one else is doing something like this, unless they overheard us and wanted to copy us, so it’ll be different and original.

A friend from when I was a kid came to sit with us for lunch, but whenever my two close friends left, we were awkward and silent; we nearly ignored each other, because we haven’t talked in forever. The only time we aknowledge each other is when someone poined out our heights cause he’s a tall guy and I’m a tall girl.

Had math and we started revising for the exams. So far it’s easy, except I still don’t 100% understand the graphs; how to change an equation into a board with coordinates and putting them in the graph.

Finally, I had visual arts. I asked for my teacher if she had any paper for watercolour in the size I wanted and she ended up allowing me to cut the cotton paper she had. That was generous of her. A lot of people don’t like her and had bad experiences with a her, but to me she’s a good teacher, but still has to change a few of her ways.

I went home, played Minecraft, talked with my parents about becoming vegan and I am still unsure, but I do want to at least receive my food from local places that treat animals kindly until they have to be killed, then I worked on my summary for To Kill a Mockingbird up to page 275 (characters are jerks for voting guilty… speaking about that, was the verdict before page 275? Maybe… I don’t know. If I remember I’ll check, if not, then I hope my teacher doesn’t notice. Don’t think she has time to check every page to make sure what I wrote is correct and only going off memory of the book, so I shoild be fine, right?) and I played more Minecraft. Wish I could get more people on the server. I’d like to have maybe… 6-8 people for now? Yeah. We’re 3.5 at the moment (.5 cause the fourth person isn’t on often).

That’s all for today.

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