“Gift 🎁 to che[e]r you up”

Finally holding your gift felt like:

First, it felt like the rain

After years of being drained.

Second, it felt like finally lying on my bed

After working my ass to death

Third, it also felt like people telling me they love me

Rare, sweet, and full of glee

Fourth, I was like a little child

Who just got a lolli and then smiled

Fifth, it’s like finishing a 4000-word paper

After convincing yourself you won’t make it ever

Sixth, it  felt like being served a great green pesto

On that day you just wanted it, pronto!

Seventh, it felt and tasted like my coffee

Creamy but strong, keeps me lively

Eighth, it felt like my non-stop sweating

After an hour of much needed exercising

But then, ninth, it felt like my cheat day

When I ate what I wanted no matter what they say

Lastly, we’re not just computer technology

I saw you, you saw me, not on the screen

Instead, I saw you right in front of me.

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