Single and Celibate

I’ll admit it – I don’t really want to write this journal entry. But it has been weighing on my mind for a while now, and I can’t seem to get rid of the nagging so here it goes…


I have the sex drive of a high school boy. I love sex. I love orgasms. I love the intimacy. I love it all. I would have sex all day long if it were an option. But as I approach this new season where I’m working on bettering myself mentally, physically, and spiritually, there are some things that need to change – boundaries need to be made clear, and I have to make the choice to choose my soul over my flesh. 


I’m not going to make some grand promise that I’ll remain single all year long, but what I will promise is this: I promise to value my health, not just physical, but spiritual and mental as well. I promise to seek out the best version of myself and strive toward becoming the woman I was created to be. I have very particular dreams – dreams that would not be possible if I don’t change my lifestyle. If I meet someone during this season, great. If not, the is fine, too. This season isn’t about finding my soul mate. It is about finding myself…finding Kayle.

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