Enough With The Emotional Bullshit

Family life has not been great this weekend.

I don’t have very much family left and my mum is an alcoholic and my dads over weight. Doesn’t sound good for me does it. Most of my life I have been very dependent on my mum and dad I will admit it and the thought of losing either of them is the worst thing in the world. Last night I was ignoring my mum because she was being abusive and I’ve been feeling quite…..like I’m alone, and I might to fend for myself. But I was with my friends last night and we had a games night with takeaway and drinks and I had a cracking time and it hit that my friends are my family too how cheesy that my sound, and I can depend on them. My boyfriend too he is my best friend in the world.

Enough with the emotional bullshit.

Friday was really fun it was SS birthday and it was a top night. W and that girl aren’t really happening not that I care. Shut up brain.

i ate so much rubbish yesterday on my “cheat day” I feel like a balloon. I’m awaiting the return of the boyfriend from football so he can look after me and take up hair stroking duties.

His mum is having a bbq this afternoon why do I have to socialise today I’ve had too much beer and I feel like death.

2 thoughts on “Enough With The Emotional Bullshit”

  1. Hello there Ms. PP (pen pal) Just dropping a comment so you know I’ve not forgotten you…will try to catch up reading your stuff later.

  2. Do not focus on the bad stuff, ever. And try not to think about when your folks are gone…heavenly days you are young and you quite possibly will have them with you for a very long time . My dad passed in 2002 and it was horrible, sad, earth-shattering, such pain. So right then and there I told myself I was not going to think about when we would lose mom. And I really became pretty good at not focusing there. It is a sad and long tale but my mother passed several months ago after a long illness. My point is…Yes I’m devestated but yes I am okay…
    What I am saying is you can never prepare yourself for grief…so DO NOT WASTE GOO TIMES WITH PRE-GRIEF! Hugs sweetie.

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