Midnight Madness (May be PG-13)

It’s midnight right now, and I guess it’s time to devolge some of my dirty secrets…oh god if I was coherent and actually awake atm…

[Collapse=Warning may contain PG-13 words]I must admit that lately I have been taking a look at the groups for rp. The Golden Tether and some other more…ahem…adult ones seem to be the most popular. I will admit that I glance through them whenever I need–

HOW DARE YOU MAKE SUCH AN ASSUMPTION! I was going to say muse. 😛

The wonderful thing about rping on a site that is welcome to such things, is that you are seeing some excellent writing. Oh goddess of literature, Oh orgasmic delight! It’s not the lewd, crudeness that excites me–I’m pretty sure I’m asexual anyway lol– but rather the writing. Such detail to character, resounding backstory.

If you get a chance, take a look at those amazing characters from those authors. The most active users get the most practice and their characters are the most flushed out. I worship Loki and Jay (YES SEMPAI! PLEASE READ THIS, NOTICE ME, AND MESSAGE ME! <3) for their amazingly creativeness talents oh goodness. The drool…

Okay. Well it’s really late and I have work in less than 8 hours, so goodnight Sempai, goodnight friends, goodnight half written characters–

NOTE TO SELF: Orlando does his job, brainwashed to thinking magical creatures killed his made up sister. Ugh I love hypnotism.

–goodnight madness, goodnight journal, goodnight RPR.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow. 🙂

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