Oh what a night it was lastnight all alone in my tent out by the lake

I went to the lake at a place I hadn’t been to in years after I bought the norm on camping supplies and bottled water. The water hydrant at where I’d setup camp didn’t work or none of the others. But anyway the gate to the park was locked shut at 8:00pm lastnight so there was no getting out all night long and what a dark lonely night it was. I heard a panther scream somewhere close by and then there was some animal with hooves running on the road in front of my campsite. Luckily I’d fixed me some food at home and had to do without a campfire, just a old antique campstove was all I had to heat my food on under my lantern. I ate good and went to sleep forgetting about the fiber therapy stuff I’d put in my food and awoke with a sudden cramp and really wet gas-pass all in my Camo-Pants and undies. My air-mattress was a miniature lake of brown liquid before I could get up fast enough to use the bucket I had. The sun came up and since there was no one else camped in the area I shedded everything but my undies and waded in and washed off in the lake. Now that the gate is unlocked I can put on a pair of shorts and go to the laundromat in town about fifteen miles away. Till some time later today after I return-Bye 4/now

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