I recently celebrated my birthday. I spent three days with some friends on the beach. I had a great time there, and also discovered some things… that make me remember why I started this diary: you cannot tell anything to anyone, secrets flew last weekend. 
I got to relax a little finally after the University entrance exams, although I’m still a bit nervous about my marks. However, I think I did a good job. 

I really did not want to write right now, but my father got bossy and made me leave the TV just because he wanted to watch football… and I had to stop watching Supergirl to leave him my place. I am happy Spain is losing the match; he’s getting angry 🙂

I started watching Supergirl today, it didn’t convince me at first, but my sister said she had heard it got better, just like The Flash, though Barry Allen does a lot…

And, at last, the match is over 🙂

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