So what’s going on? Friday was a shit storm. We were getting ready to leave town for my dad’s 80th birthday weekend. H planned on working from home because we scheduled an HVAC company to install central air in our house (finally after 17 years). Couldn’t reschedule because who knows how long it would take to do that and by the time they did the summer could be over!  We took our car to the shop for the oil change it needed for the trip  – last minute as usual.  Took S in the other car to school. On our way we had a run in with a deer.  We were ok.  Deer and car – not so ok.  Limped home with the radiator steaming. Borrowed neighbor’s car to get S to school.  Luckily I had my computer at home and worked from there.  Boss was fine with that. Neighbor gave me a ride to pick up the oil change car at 3. Still had to run errands and shop before leaving town.  Didn’t get on the road until 7 pm.  Long day. Long drive to visit my fam. But to put it in perspective – it was all 1st world problems. In the end it was a beautiful weekend with my family. My oldest brother made a toast to our dad.  He’s not a speaker, but he nailed it – he spoke short and sweet of our father’s enthusiasm and energy for what he does. He gets up every day and is excited about it. That is what is keeping him young and healthy.  Keep going daddy – keep going.

Yesterday the insurance adjuster came to look at the deer vs car situation. The car is totaled. Need to car shop now. I really don’t want another car payment. We can handle the 1 payment we have now. But 2 is going to suck.   

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  1. crappola my friend crappola. On that note….
    HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY you got to celebrate your dad’s 80th…how wonderful and how special.

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