Coffee addict

Clearly i LOVE coffee. if i go one day without having it i get massive migraines and my hands shake. I am currently drinking dunking donuts butter pecan iced coffee. it is SEX. anyway i guess i should chill with all this flavored coffee for a while and stick to my normal coffee (Irving farms= the best coffee i have ever had  TRY ITHope everyones day is great i’ll probably be sitting around today but that’s ok. I picked up my friend today her name (obviously going to be fake bc i am anonymous)is Joy. She can’t drive so she is paying me to pick her up daily which is cool because i CANT get a fucking job SOS. gotta make mula somehow maybe ill b a prostitute??? Im just kidding LMAO you wouldn’t know my personality yet but I’m a jokester 😂. HAVE A BLESSED DAY EVERYONE

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