Day 121 – Survival

Sunday, June 26th 2016

Today’s not what I wanted, but oh well.

I didn’t go to church this morning and now I realized I completely forgot about doing a bible study to replace that. I didn’t go, because I woke up late, as well my parents, but they still went. Even if I tried to go, I didn’t have any pants, only shorts, and my legs weren’t completely shaven, so it’d take me too long.

My mom and I went shopping for a bathing suit and hopefully not an expensive one, but I didn’t find anything I liked for the low price we were going for. We went home unsuccessful and usually I’d say this was a complete waste of time, but it got me out of the house and made me walk around for a bit, so I can’t complain. I don’t go out much during the summer—I should do that biking I promised myself to do. Probably ask my dad to go with me so I don’t have a choice, but to go.

Since it was already 3:30-ish when we came back, I decided to only apply my drawing + Japanese schedule tomorrow and played videos game/watched YouTube for the rest of the day. I got to day 20 on This War of Mine and I actually have a new character that joined the group, but everyone is badly wounded, starving, sick or depressed (I actually robbed a church in the game for food and bandages in front of my dad while showing him the game, but there was no other location that had what I wanted), so I don’t think I can pull through if this is only half way through the game. Now I know what I need is to not eat until a character becomes very hungry (so if just hungry, keep the food), make sure I don’t get raided during the night so that food isn’t taken (which is killing two birds with one stone—I won’t get my other valuables raided), I make 2 rat traps and always keep 2 raw meat so that I can make 2 more later on and have 4 to feed all my characters + the one that will join later on (they’ll always be “very hungry”, but at least they’ll still live—got that tip online, but other than that, I want to figure it out on my own) and make sure I have heating and enough materials for combustion at day 18, so when it starts to get cold. Alright, so I’ll have to plan out each of my days and try to sustain what I got until day 40. Winter will be easy on getting the water supply to cook, because of the snow, but I have to make sure I got a lot of heat, so my furnace should be upgraded by then to use less supplies.

For anyone who knows Philip Defranco and his Friday giveaways, I entered one for the Amazon 100$ gift card (twice now, but I think I forgot to like his video the first time) so that my brother may have it for his birthday. It’s coming up soon, as well as one one of my friends and Kohai‘s, who’s 2 days after my brother’s. I have to plan out some gifts, especially Kohai‘s. All I can say here (because I’m not sure if she reads my entries anymore) is that it’s gonna be the most thought out present I ever made.

That’s all for today.

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  1. The game you are playing sounds very complicated and like hard work! I am too old for something that involved. Glad you enjoy it, though. Glad you are doing a Bible study when you miss church—-that’s great!

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