Full of shit or no?


I have this thing about trusting people. It’s sort of like “Trust no one until proven wrong.” 

I know, I know. But it has kept me safe most of my life. It may have also prevented me from meeting some amazing would be friends and opportunities. That trust issue is even greater when it comes to people and things online. 

Allow me to explain. I got an email last night around 2200. From a site called “mytrendingstories.com” I guess it’s a blog promoting blog lol.

So I just started this life-blog last week. (Thanks TX for the idea 🙂 )  It’s not quite ready yet. The things on there are repeats of what is on here so no worries. You’re not missing anything yet. Anyways, this site says that they want to promote my writing. Not sure why. It’s just…almost daily nonsense haha. So I’m thinking they are full of poo. I guess I’m worried about…well… I’m not sure what I am worried about but I am sure it’s something. 

I guess the only thing I would lose is my pride if they put me in a section that says “world’s worst writers” :’(

I’ll have to think on this loves. 


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