Monday, 7/4/16, 11:14pm, Home

 I’m missing my blanket that my grandma made me so badly right now.  I want it so bad right now.  It must be all the explosions making me crave comfort.

We got back from the trip to mom n dad’s around 8:30.  Yesterday, we accidentally slept in a bit too much and didn’t leave for Dallas until about 9:45.  We stopped at the same Buc-ees in Temple again and spent too much time so we were about ten minutes late to the aerial adventure park.  This place was interesting.  I liked it, but some of the challenges felt like they weren’t placed in the right courses and the tree stands felt REALLY unstable.  On two occasions on zip lines, even though I put my feet down to stop myself, the momentum slammed me into a tree.  I have major bruises and scrapes.  Also, at the end of the blue line is a challenge called the leap of faith.  I couldn’t do it. A dude had to come and key me onto another set of zip lines. They told me all kinds of lies to try to get me to do the leap of faith. The biggest problem with this course was the heat and humidity.  After I got slammed into the first tree I got a headache and then I was pretty much toast.  I didn’t know that you are supposed to bring your own water bottle so I was screwed.

After that we drove to a Collins street Bakery in greenville for lunch.  It was pretty cool. I ate a couple naughty baked goods and too many fruitcake samples.  We then headed for OKC, where we stayed at a SUPER fancy Staybridge. Our room was a one bedroom apartment.  I called in a to-go order at a nearby Mexican chain restaurant called Abuelos and dad and I went to go pick it up.  It was a cool looking place.  Painted yellow with a faux colonial style.  The bar was really groovy and hip, with club music playing and two groovy black bartenders. Dad hated it.  The food felt cheap and if it was from frozen.  It was really good in that nasty, processed, “I’m going to regret this,” over-salty way.  We ate and watched Space Balls.

Gabe was super moody.  Constantly listening to rap music on his headphones.  Being surly and bitchin about how much he wants to go home. Same today as well.

The breakfast at this Staybridge was nowhere near as good as the one in Laredo.  It flat out sucked.  No bacon and all the eggs were cooked into these weird looking round patties. I had a bowl of granola.

We had agreed that we would make our way north while we checked out this ghost-town tour of oklahoma that Karen B. had posted an article about on fb.  It was NOT legit.  These were not ghost towns.  They were small towns with a few abandoned buildings.  We had lunch at one of them called Ralston.  The brisket and tatertots were soooooo good. 

I’ve been addicted to a newly discovered podcast called 99% Invisible.

I’m having a really hard time not logging in to my old fb account today. Really hard. 

Gabe’s dad’s dumbfuck attorney filed a motion to transfer our small claims to the regular civil county docket and now has a month to file an answer or denial. 

I’m so glad I’m leaving town again with Kate on Saturday.  Gleefully excited.


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