A few words about no words

I’m sick to death of being an empath. My heart cannot take the conditions of this environment. I need to move to a warmer client. I need to move to Iceland.

im fat and unintelligent and uninteresting.

i will probably go down in the end by my own hand. after all, it is an urge I have been fighting for just over a couple of decades. the question is how long I can hold it off. 

One thought on “A few words about no words”

  1. Cassandra…..wow. You have a very poor opinion of yourself, dear. Don’t you know you are one 0f a kind, created by God for His love and friendship? Please put away all thoughts of harming yourself. That is no answer. There is an answer. Keep searching and believing and let your heart feel the love that is so abundant there. You love very easily and readily, yes? That is your gift. It hurts often times. But it is a noble gift to have. Few have it to the degree you do, as an empath. Be brave. Get to know God your Father, the author of love. Bless you.

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