Dear Vampire,

Were you hoping for some sort of interaction?  You have had every minute of every day to say something. To say anything you wish. You have said nothing.  You should find some other nice girl to throw those manipulative, puppy-dog eyes at.  You should grow the fuck up.  You should take responsibility for your actions. You should pull your head out of your ass and make amends to the people you have harmed and start living a life without harming people.  You should wake the fuck up.  Stop getting high all the time.  Stop watching Netflix. Get up of your fucking couch and do something real with your wasted life.  Stop thinking you’re above doing difficult things. 

You have the life you have created.  You have the life you want. 

You don’t have it what it takes to have me in your life.  You aren’t willing to do the work-  To be a real, authentic person who owns up to the fucked up things he has done and apologizes and asks for forgiveness. Until you’re willing to do those things, please leave me alone.  Please stay out of my way.  Please don’t talk to me. 


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