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Dear Person,

My name is Grace and i am a 16 year old girl who lives in Wales and if you don’t know where that is it’s in the UK. I made this to vent and to see if anyone has been through the same stuff as me. My friends say i’m crazy and weird but why would i want to be normal.

I suffer from Depression and Anxiety like most people i guess but i wish i didn’t have it, its ruining my life!

Anyway i have a best friend named Jayden who never hangs out with me I have another friend names Megan 1 who is going to sleepover mine tomorrow she’s more like a true friend and Megan 2 who never hangs out with me anymore because she is with her boyfriend 24/7.

I have a mum named Claire and Dad named Andrew they are not together but they’ve been like that since i was a baby. My mum said she wanted to split up with him but then she fell pregnant with me so she stayed with him until i was born. The reasons are because he used to go to the pub all the time and used to smoke around me i do visit my dad though. And he still does the same thing still so nothing changed there.

I have a older brother who’s 16 years older than me so he’s in his 30’s i hate him he used to lock me in my room. He has 2 boy’s unfortunately he isn’t aloud to see his first son because of his ex wife is a bitch. And he’s just had a son the baby is massive.

I have 3 cats my cat Missy, My friends cat we adopted Lola and my Brothers cat we adopted George. Missy is fully black and she is so naughty and very lively, Lola is tabby cat she is stubborn and is up her own ass and George is fully black and is also naughty and him and Lola don’t get along.

Well thats most stuff about me i hope its ok more stuff to come!

From Grace xx



5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Grace!

    Thanks for sharing. Hope to read more. I find journaling helps filter through strong emotions like anger, sorrow, and so on.

    I am a crazy cat lady 🙂 I have a black cat (Toothless), 2 Tuxedo brothers (Jake and Andy), and a wild orange tabby kitten (Tyrion). Don’t you love living in a multi-cat house!!! Cats are the best.

  2. Hi Grace! It sounds totally weird calling you that because that’s my name, too! Coincidence, hehe. Glad to see you’re writing to get some stuff off your chest–it really does help to rant sometimes.

  3. Writing always helps. It is somehow therapeutic. Welcome to the site!

  4. This is a wonderful place for you to come and vent. You express yourself so well in your diary. Know that you are not alone when it comes to feelings of depression and anxiety. Being able to express what you feel will help in so many ways.

  5. I commented on another journal entry of yours on bullies. I can’t believe how much we have in common. As well as being dyslexic at math I also suffer depression and anxiety! My anxiety is worse though and it’s not fun is it? If you ever need to advice feel free to comment on any of my journal entries and I’ll get back to you sweetie ♥ PS: I love animals and I have a cat too called Misty and a dog called Phoebe and I also have a hamster called Dixie and a guinea pig called Fudge lol

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