Friday, 7/22/16, 1:12, HPER building atrium

Gabe has been a total shit all week. I could strangle him.

Wednesday I pretty much did nothing. I watched Netflix all morning. I can’t remember if I went to the gym. I did go. I warmed up, and started my cardio but I felt like shit so I stopped and went home. I know I taught my two classes at NT, and then Gabe and I went to film streams to see Election. He slept through most of it. I screwed up my back teaching. I think i popped a rib out. I can’t turn to the right.

Yesterday, I worked at immigration. Detained masters in the morning and a non detained individual in the afternoon. Then I tried to go to the gym but I turned around and went home before I actually got there. My back hurt and my stomach hurt. I went to NG and bought pickles and bacon and made an awesome salad and laid in bed watching midsomer murders.

Today I taught yoga to the Nancy M. group at NT, then Belisia came over. I called OPS student placement about Gabe’s transfer paperwork and they said they have no record of it. They don’t know what happened but I have to do it all over. Fuckers. How inept. But of course, it’s OPS. I resent all the papers certified mail just now. 


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