Journal Entry #19 (True Fear)

 Hi guys. Missy here. It’s about 2:30 AM right now, Jul 22nd.

I am really scared. Well, not anymore, but I was earlier. It’s hard to type with my left thumb right now, so I’ll have to use my index fingers.

I live in a mobile home. Not gonna give much detail, as I’ve given a lot about myself already. (I don’t want some creep to be building up a little databank about me to try to find my location.) Anyway, in the home, we have a “back door” whose….bolt(?)…is messed up. When I say bolt, I mean that thing on the side of the door that goes in and out of the door when you turn the handle. It basically makes the door close. And open. Did you just go check to see what I was talking about?

Well, it’s stuck pulled in on my back door. Not sure why. Maybe because of the rust? It rains a lot and so maybe the metal around the bolt got rusty and held it in one day? Who knows. All I do know is that it’s a big pain in the butt. Like about an hour ago. At 1 AM, I couldn’t sleep as usual. I had just woken up even after going to bed late. I was laying down listening to music on my phone when the blinds on my window moved furiously. I sprung up in fear, thinking someone was trying to come in. Serves me right for listening to all those scary stories on YouTube all week. Turns out, it was just the wind. I had left my window open a little and the heavy wind from outside had shook the blinds. I closed the window.

Then, I hear something outside my door. I thought it was raining, though I didn’t see any when I looked out the window, but decided to place some towels down in the hallway anyway (the roof in my hallway, and sometimes my room, leaks when it rains outside).

Leaving my room, I notice that my backdoor, which is next to my door, is wide open, blowing back-and-forth in the wind. I quickly close it. And sure enough, it opens again. I close it. It opens. I close and and pull back with a lot of force. I let go of the handle….and it stays closed. I slowly back away and it opens. I grab the handle and hold it closed this time. No matter what I did, it would open after a few moments when I let go. So I did what every teen would do in that moment: I stood there and held the door closed.

Now I know what you’re thinking, but I had no choice. Everyone else was asleep. So for thirty minutes straight, I held that door shut, unsure of what else to do. I finally reached my arm out and woke up Axel and he simply slammed the door shut. It stayed closed this time. I feel so guilty for waking him up but at the same time I’m glad I did. Now we’re both up. He’s playing video games and I’m typing this journal entry.

That was a really scary experience. I know, it was just a broken door issue. What scares me the most, is that it was 1:50 AM. And that door most likely been open for a very long time. Anyone walking down the street could see it open and could have hopped the short gate surrounding the house and entered. Someone could have been hurting my family and I would be in my room, oblivious. Until it was my turn.

That, my friends, is true fear.

There’s no rest for the fearful, so I’ve gotta go.

(Or maybe I’m just an over-reactive b**** that needs to stop over-thinking things?)

6 thoughts on “Journal Entry #19 (True Fear)”

  1. Missy that would be scary for anyone. I’m so sorry your living quarters leave something to be desired. You handled it bravely in my opinion. Surely the door with the faulty lock can be fixed? Ask someone to fix it. Otherwise you will stay worried and vulnerable, sweetheart. I hope the rest of your life (daytimes) are very happy and blessed.

  2. Glad you guys are safe and that nothing extreme happened. Not gonna lie though, if it were me I totally would’ve woken someone up -lol- I’m a big pansy.

  3. Yay, thank you two 🙂

    Yes, I do think the door will be fixed soon, but until then slamming it shut is the only option (it actually works so that’s good)

    Also XD ihavebabyhands

  4. Have you ever thought of putting a chair in front of the door? :3

  5. Yes we have, but the door opens outwards and it also rains a lot where I live so the chair would get ruined

  6. So me at 30 years old was scared shitless over the same thing, I woke up in the middle of the night to go get some water and it was cold as heck in my house, it was in the fall. well I felt a strong breeze and I was wondering why , my front door had blew open because the door never latched into the socket, the door was locked…so I closed it. took my Louisville slugger and walked around m house because I thought someone might have been in my house…..was I overreacting? I think not, who knows what kind of people are out there and what their intentions are when they see a house in the middle of the night with the door wide open.. thankfully no one was in the house.

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