Day 151 – Noah’s ark

Tuesday, July 26th 2016

Now today was an eventful one. Tiring, yet interesting and exciting.

We went to see the life size build of Noah’s ark—the main reason for coming to Kentucky.

It was impressive. The size of it is incredible and turns out it’s supposed to be even bigger, but I might have misread the sign, so not sure. Nevertheless, impressive.

We went inside and saw ideas and theories of how Noah was feeding the animals, getting rid of their waste and gathering water, since the Bible doesn’t really say anything. We also saw artist interpretations of the world before the flood. Of course, we don’t only see theories, but facts about how scientist believe in one thing, when they’re really oh so wrong. For example, they ironically believe there was a flood of biblical (emphasis on that) size on Mars, but not Earth when there are so many signs that there was and actually happened. Turns out they just completely deny it so it supports their theory.

Overall, the place was interesting and there were a few old artifacts (Bibles, journals, crosses, etc.) that were up to 400~ years old. You could also see the dinosaurs and animals from that time.

We wanted to check out the camels, but it was raining. The gift shop didn’t have anything interesting, except for maybe a cool looking shirt that reminds me of the Ravenclaw mascot and had a very good shade of red and said “God remembered Noah”. Didn’t get it though. I can still get something at the museum.

The funny thing is, turns out guys are actually checking me out. I never had any guy have a hint of interest in me, but over here, I seem to be attracting some attention, and I don’t look different than I usually do. To explain, when we were in line for an exhibit, I was told the guy in front of me was looking at me. He seemed to stop when I looked back though. I wasn’t interested anyway; he looked like the typical popular kid and I’m not into that. Plus, my mom commented that he looks like Justin Bieber, which is worse (sorry to any JB fans out there). Then there was this guy I saw walking around earlier which he was kinda cute, but not too interested. He was tall, skinnier and seemed kinda interesting, but nothing more. Apparently he smiled at me in the parking lot, which I was too busy thinking to notice and completely ignored him. Oh well, not a big loss. I did see a guy at some point that looked exactly my type: very tall, skinny, haircut that looks good on him… Once the bus was empty, he made a funny motion when a host at a circus would show something to the audience with their arms extended, then I was sitting on the chair directly facing the opened door and he had a hand in his pocket and a hand behind his head, kicking the water from the rain. I quite liked him and wish I could talk to him, but we had no time and I’m too shy anyway.

My parents and grandmother entered a liquor store to get some beer and apparently my brother and I were breaking the law or something cause there was a sign saying “anyone under 21 cannot enter or remain on these premises”, but if we really had to get out, they would have told us. And poor brother, he finally turns 19 and buy alcohol, but then we come here and he’s too young.

It was a relief to get back to the cottage cause my shoulder hurt and I was so tired. We had a good discussion and now I’m motivated to help my friend knoe more about the Bible, cause she doesn’t go to church, but she’s Catholic, so I decided to take pictures and info for her and she is interested.

That’s all for today.

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  1. It’s wonderful that you want to help your Catholic friend know God better and understand the Bible better. Good for you! Make sure she know that Jesus loves her personally, and is always there for her. That’s what people most need to know these days. Thank you for sharing. God bless you!

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