My DIY Self Therapy

I havnt gone into detail about my life on here yet, I will when I’m emotionally ready. One thing i will share though is that i have just come out of a 11 and half year relationship. I’m still at the stage where the reality is very fresh. When i allow my mind to wonder into that reality i feel mixed emotions.. panic, sadness, anger, loss and more that i can’t identify to be honest.

Moving to the topic i plan to talk about, one of the things that is currently helping me is changing my surroundings. I started with my grandads desk which i have been meaning to refurbish for a few years but have never got round to. This particular piece of furniture holds real family history as it was made well before i was born. My grandad who was a man of many talents including carpentry built it with his bare hands. It was made for my dads brother while he was still in education. It was then handed down to me when i started secondary school. I have studied for almost every exam i have ever sat on this desk. Also, i kid you not, it is so solid it could probably survive a hurricane. They don’t make furniture like that anymore. However, it was lacking life and I’m proud to say, i gave it a new one. I sanded for 2 days which was extreme labour if I’m honest, i found my name carved or written in pen (extremely difficult to get rid of) on almost every surface, alongside friends and boys I liked growing up (surprised there wasn’t a full blown essay in there somewhere lol). Four days and five coats of varnish later, it now sits in my bedroom with pride, a beautiful dark oak masterpiece.

I then discovered the best thing ever invented for sure! Fablon, i absolutely loooove fablon! I have found that i am also pretty good at applying it. I started with my large wooden shelves which i covered with a floral pattern and now look amazing. I then made a few pretty storage boxes which are proving to be very useful. I plan to fablon the drawers for my grandads desk, give it a modern touch, i might also add crystal ball handles.

Next in my DIY self therapy, i decided to decal my wall, its a blank canvas and pretty big. I thought why the hell not! I decided on birds taking flight which actually looks pretty amazing especially because im a huge animal lover. But looking at it now i think it symbolises a few things… Firstly my green cheek conure called Chiko whom i had for around a year. It was during one of the harshest periods during the breakdown of my relationship. I adored Chiko but had to rehome him as i felt that due to my busy life i couldn’t give him the time and attention he needed and deserved. But during the time i did have him, he saved my life, i will never forget him. The birds taking flight also symbolise the next chapter for me. I’m flying onto better things, god willing i will get there. 

Next i decided to make a photo collage wall which i am still currently working on. It will consist of lots of framed pictures of my family during, what I like to call, the “old is gold” period. Also, a few snaps from my adventures in the canaries and recently Crete. Also maybe a few inspirational quotes. It’s all coming together but nothing is up yet, can’t wait to see it. I just want to look up at the wall and smile. I want to feel happy when i look at it. I will share the end result with you all.

If you’re still with me, thank you for reading 🙂

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  1. I’m sure the end of your long relationship was hurtful. But you have not let it crush you, so—-good for you!! I loved reading about your grandfather’s desk and what you are planning for your room. Sounds awesome. Keep the vision!

  2. Thank you so much, that does mean alot to me 🙂 xx

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