Cows and Crickets

My mind is fairly empty at the moment.  Pretty sure it is sleep deprivation-self induced.  My heart be silent.  

    This table I’m sitting at is really orange-superhero orange.  It might have citrus roots in Florida or Georgia.  It talks with a southern accent.  It needs a matching cape.  It’s sturdy.  Can’t tell if what gender it is.  Shouldn’t say anything.  It might get offended, and that’s an entire other mess.  Besides, it’d be impolite.  He/she is saving my day, holding my laptop and tea drink, not saying a word.  Such a thankless task being a super(h<e>r)o.  It’s name must be gender-neutral Jesse.  “So are you a guy or a girl?”  (shocked looks from the coffee shop–“How dare you ask Jesse that!!!!”—complete uproar.)  Jesse rocks.  Shameless superhero.  

     It’s super nice outside right now.  Everybody is going to work.  Clean shaven, perfumed, looking like a million bucks.  On average, people with a bachelor’s degree will earn 1 million dollars more than those without.  That’s  a gaping discrepancy.

    I wish I still lived in the country with the cows and crickets.  The were comforting like warm pillows.  All of us are sitting here just looking through our two windows.  Blue, brown, green, and  hazel glossy windows.  Do you know that we have souls.  Like we actually have them.  A bunch of immortal bipeds floating along thinking of our ability to barter for this and maybe some of that.  “Hi, Bob.”  “Hi, Phil.”  “I’m immortal.”  “That’s real good, Bob.  We’ll be seeing ya.”

There goes a swan.  Yup, definitely a swan.  “She’s electric.  She’s inn a family full of eccentrics.  She’s done things I’ve expected.  And I need more time.”  I”m not at that point where I can give my life up for a woman.  It doesn’t make sense to me right now.  There isn’t enough trust in me to do that.  It would be easier if I wasn’t educated.  If my IQ was around 90 I think I could have fell in love with my high school freshman girlfriend and loved the kind of love that has no words.  We would sit around and have quiet meals.  I would have a beard and she would do the dishes.  And it would be bliss.  Anyways.  Well, it seems to me that most young people who are in relationships aren’t in relationships at all.  It’s like there only sex-slaves one to another.  The fidelity in their eyes is gone and they’re apathetic.  “The dark beast is loose on the world.”  It’s like the guys are more of the slave to the woman, and the woman slave to the power she has over “her man”.  Walking through the mall, the guys look like dark beasts shuffling their feet behind her, and she reminds me of a spoiled brat testing the extent of her magical wand.  It’s real weird.  And their’s fidelity in that?  Is slavery felicity?  “Baby be the class clown.  I’ll be the beauty queen in tears.”  The understanding of it all evades my shallow, immortal soul.  It certainly has its place.  “Will you marry me.  I love you.  We have atleast 3 years before we get divorced.  I love you 2.”  And I am a jaded three of hearts.  Mind.  Body.  Soul.  

     It seems like people would eventually start making their own coffee for cents on the dollar instead of paying these prices.  The power of addiction.  

     Excuse me, coffee neighbor, while my toes dance and Jimi kisses the sky.  They say that mental activities like reading, writing, and playing chess have healthy impacts on us which we see only when we grow grey.  I like that.  

“How the girls can turn to ghost before your eyes.  And the very dreams that led to them, are keeping them from dying.”  

    My time is up.  Goodbye coffee.  Goodbye swan.  You have stolen my heart.  



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  1. Blue, all I can say is you are phenomenally creative! Wow! I enjoyed reading your post. Very unusual! Keep writing!

  2. SavedbyGrace! You are so sweeeeet!!! Thank you so very much!!! I also enjoy your entries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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