Day 2 – A letter to someone

Day 2 – a letter to someone

This entry comes at a pretty interesting time. I have a few people I could write a letter to and one in particular is a man who just broke my heart but I think I will take the more positive outlook and write one to my best friend. 

I know we are both fairly good communicators and tell each other Pretty much everything already but I think this entry is the perfect time to reiterate how lucky I am to have you in my life. 

I often think about that day a few years ago, middle of work….I called you crying pouring my heart out about something I had never told a soul. Not sure what made me call you since we were friends but not that close yet. Your reaction to my news was the first time I felt like I wasn’t drowning in a long time.

I firmly believe everyone we meet has a purpose in our lives and you came into mine to save me. I’m not saying I was ever going to harm myself, I mean it in the sense that there is comfort in having a person understand even the darkest parts of your soul. To have another person acknowledge and still love you after they know the good, the bad, the ugly and never once judge. 

You are a once in a lifetime kind of person, you have welcomed me into your life, your family and your home without any restrictions. You have let me burst in barefoot crying with company on the way (still so sorry I completely forgot haha). You are a friend who will offer advice, tough love when needed but will never say the dreaded “I told you so”. 

You love people for who they are, all their faults and you let people make their own mistakes even if they are making the same mistake over and over again. You have never made me feel less than, even in my worst hour. You are always up for a good “I hope his dick never gets hard again” curse because we aren’t monsters we don’t want to cause harm to dickheads just make their life miserable haha. 

You’re a phenomenal mother, you raised 2 boys who are compassionate, thoughtful, witty and both are going to be successful in all aspects of life. That says a lot about who you are, your children got all your best qualities even though right now their witty sarcasm makes you want to slap them lol. 

You have enriched my life more than I can begin to write in this letter and for that I will be forever grateful to call you my friend. 


Love you to the moon and back 



*How someone reacts to your sadness says everything you need to know about how long they will be in your life*

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  1. This was so lovely to read. Sounds like you have an amazing friend x

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