Back in Los Angeles

Had to wake up at 5 AM to catch the flight to LA. I couldn’t really have a good sleep last night cause of that. I kept thinking about waking up at 5 and that really prevent me to have a deep sleep. However, I was able to get on the flight because of that and slept through entire time on the flight back to LA. Back to the LAX around 10:30 then took a Uber back to home. I had to take care of some stuffs right aways and notified people at work that I’m not coming in for the afternoon. I was too exhausted and wasn’t even able to work even if I come in. It made more sense to have a good rest to get recovered and start working tomorrow with better condition.

I slept all afternoon at home. Got up around 6 PM and went to have a dinner with Dosung in K-town. Some reason I’m craving Korean food all the time lately. We had Nangmen and Kalbi on the restaurant on Olympic. The food was amazing. I ended up eating too much lol. Stopped by at grocery market and back to home. 10:04 PM now. I actually still feel little tired. Should go to sleep soon. Getting back to the normal life tomorrow! excited to work on the dashboard project!

Goodnight All 🙂

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