My Monday journal

It’s Monday again! I actually don’t feel so bad about it cause it is actually work on the new theme project at work. I still need some time to get this done but I can’t really wait to see the final result. I spent morning time implementing a HTML email template for the support team. It’s nice to learn about Zendesk little bit since I haven’t worked on it till today. I was able to get that done in the morning and spent rest of the day working on the theme. 

I started to adding all placeholder content in the theme and filled up more than a half of the page already. I really want to make sure that I’m keeping this code clean. It takes little bit of extra time but I know it is worth doing it. Pushed all my work at around 6:10 PM to Github and just chatting around in the office for another 30 mins.

Skated back to home and grabbed a dinner on the way at the new place on Fairfax. Southeast fusion street food according to them and it was actually pretty good. Took a shower after and doing a laundry now. 8:57 PM now and no plans for rest of the day. I will try to work on the side project for little bit before I go to sleep.

I haven’t had a good sleep lately and it starting to bother me a lot. Hope I get a good sleep tonight.

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