Wednesday, 8/17/16, 3:22pm, lying in bed

Yesterday….hmmm. I dicked around on the computer for a bit, and then I ran a bunch of errands. Cubby’s for gas, lunch at KT, Walgreen’s for school supplies, printer paper and light bulbs. Then I went to prairielands for a massage. It was pretty rough. 50,000 knots in my back and i think only half came undone. Then Gabe and I went to central to try to get him registered for classes. They said he can’t attend school until they get his transcripts and we see a special counselor. They said the fastest way to get his transcripts is if I personally go to South myself and bring them on Friday to the appointment. So Gabe will miss the first two days of school.

Then I went to hper, meditated and did half of my daily workout. Ran out of time. Cut my meditation short because my nose wouldn’t stop itching and running. Only ten minutes. Then I went to Trilety’s for dinner and hang time with she, Megan and Elisabeth. We ate pizza and hung on the back patio. Then later we walked to elmwood and hung out on the playground. 

Today, I got up and went to South to get Gabe’s transcripts, then to UNO to try to do my CJA billing but it wouldn’t let me in. Before that I meditated for fifteen minutes. Then I met up with Marti, Anna and Kelly for lunch at KT. Came home and have gotten all my billing done except CJA, which I will finish tomorrow.



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