Back to daily life !

It’s lovely when we can go back to normal routines again. We’ve had a great vacation and some time home. Last week our daughter celebrated her fourth birthday, and we had family and those closest yesterday for cake and coffee. There was some presents too, our daughter was one happy girl for all the things she got. And we’re grateful to have so many in our life, they care for us and care for our daughter. Family is important ! 

Now I’m ready to get back to normal again, just to get the daily exercise again, I really look forward to it. I look forward to get back to early mornings, early coffee and early breakfast. Amazing how it can be, first you look forward to vacation time, and next you look forward to getting back to normal again. 

I love having my family home, but my daughter cried the other night when we were brushing teeth, and she said she missed daycare, her friends, to get to play with them again, and be outside all day, to get muddy and dirty. To draw pictures and play with puzzles. I really understand her, her days are long and somewhat boring – not the same ! 

I somehow misunderstood this week tho, I thought daycare started for us again next week, but they called us today and said we were welcome to start again tomorrow, and oh my what a happy face I had the chance to see this morning when we woke up. She beamed up with the cutest happy face ever, I haven’t seen THAT face for a very long time. 

Thank you for getting back daily routines ! 


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  1. How sweet that your daughter misses her friends at day care. Some children love going to daycare and school and others dread it. You are fortunate that you have a daughter that likes that social interaction. When she is in daycare it gives you some well deserved free time too.
    Have a great week.

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