My Monday journal

I had a decent sleep last night. I just slept through entire morning time instead of going to gym for the personal training session. I felt sorry but I really needed sleep to get my week going today.

I felt little down some reason but the day went by pretty well. I Spent most of time coding & cleaning the code for the member dashboard then meeting for the landing page which I will be working on tomorrow. Even skipped the lunch today for doing that. Seems to be a good projects to refresh myself from new theme project.

Got off at 6 PM and skated back to home. Had a can of beer while I was maintaining my skates. Went out for dinner at One Hawaiian BBQ on Wilshire. I have been wanting to try and today I finally got to try it. It was actually pretty good than I was expecting. I definitely see myself going there again. I had to walk around the neighborhood little bit to digest all the food I had. Back home then took a shower and writing journals now.

10:23 PM now and I will probably go to sleep soon since I want to start my day early tomorrow. I still have lots of things I want to get done.

  • Continue to dig in React and work on the app
  • Improve
  • Learn Spanish

Not sure when I’m going to get all of them done… I need a plan.

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