Because I always have ideas

They whiz around my head constantly bouncing off the insides of my skull and when I somehow find the means to write they all freeze as if grandma has heard their footsteps and has turned around


and then all of a sudden when the light goes green they go speeding off again in never ending circles

I can only come up with ideas when I am not focusing on them

The ideas are shy and like to keep private – they only sing when they are in the shower and are sure they cannot be heard and remembered


They are photogenic but refuse to admit


so, they do not come out when I am ready to write


they suck the pens ink dry and run home as if they were being chased because of theft

Every idea I ever had has been camera shy, they do not do interviews because they are so private

They keep a private life


That’s why I couldn’t explain my art to you before as well btw


I couldn’t explain because when I prepared my thumbs to type my ideas decided that it was going to rain and took shelter in their bedrooms hoping they wouldn’t have to come out any time soon


They locked the doors and windows, drew the curtains and went to sleep.They skipped dinner too because they didn’t want to say anything that could be heard

But the ideas cannot change their personalities, their own little thoughts freeze just as they do when the time comes and so they spill ordinary and cliche beans instead of the odd eccentric ones. They become average and normal priced when they should be even better than the beans the Queen buys but they cannot stop themselves from doing what they always do and so they go back to being beans in an average tin that are stuck on a boring old supermarket shelf.

And so the little ideas mother struggles to receive the beans that she needs to make her excellent dish and ends up making an average meal yet again
Other spices – those spices also belong to the little ideas and so their mother cannot draw out the amazing flavours so she is stuck with no way to make something extravagant 

This is an extract from a conversation I had with a friend via text. I only included parts I wrote. Please excuse they grammar and odd arrangement – I haven’t edited any of it as you can see…

Written by: Me
Image: Connor Franta

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