In adequate

I just feel so stupid right now. I don’t know why I ever thought I could belong in a group. I am too much of a fuck up for that.There is no way I could try and work with people, I’m too screwed up for that. Who would want to be associated with this. My mom even points out what a fuck up I am and it’s not like my dad even pays attention, he’d have to pull his head out of his computer for that. There are so many times I have thought about ending it but I can’t. I couldn’t do that to my brother. If anything happened to him I think I actually would, people would be better off for it. They wouldn’t ave to put up with me anymroe, their lives would be easier.

People try to put this pretty bow on everything but that itsn’t happening. Im so tired of putting a fake smile, of everyone doing that to me.

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