Fly Away Fucks

After a dreadful sleepless night and a touch of quiet sobbing i had an epiphany, Im going to give this long distance relationship a go. He’s a beautiful man inside and out, and he was brave enough to ask out and make the effort to actually keep in touch, not to mention i genuinely really like him. I think that because I’m so inexperienced in relationships (This is my first official relationship and I’m 21 years old sad life i know)  it was like a love overload, going from thinking no one liked me to having two guys declare their feelings for me. I might be a virgin but my mind isn’t anymore because i got mindfucked..hard. 

Talking to Him today made me realise that he’s so thoughtful and caring and I’m willing to stick it out for him. Sure its going to be difficult and we’ll have to do a whole lot of texting and face timing but i think it will be worth it. I’m hopeful.. so Fly Away Fucks.

Goodnight Journal.

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