Journal Entry #26 (I had a good day yesterday)

I want to make this short entry while I had the chance. Yesterday was a good day. It wasn’t the best. But it was good. Good enough.

The day started off bad. I tried to defend my brothers in a mini-dispute but I think I failed. Probably because I’m so stupid.

But then it was good. I laughed and joked with my friends for the first time in the longest time. I had a genuine good time. I can’t describe that feeling of happiness but I know it’s been a while since I have felt it.

I downloaded an app yesterday, called-and don’t laugh at me- Dream Girlfriend. I’m not sure why I downloaded it, other than curiosity. I haven’t gotten that far in it, but it seems fun. There are different personalities for your girlfriend, and since it is a japanese-based game, they’re based off of japanese tropes. I’m going for Yandere btw XD

There’s no rest for a happy person, so I’ve gotta go.

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